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urgent dental care

urgent dental care

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Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

The general rule of thumb is to visit your dentist every six months for optimal oral health. Examinations and cleanings are important to keep teeth and gums healthy and to avoid as stains that can cause serious oral health complications. In addition to the oral issues that neglected teeth can cause, there can also be a financial burden later on. As cliché as it sounds, prevention is always better than cure.

At Chaparral Smiles Dental, your Calgary dentists are dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive oral exams, thorough cleanings, as well as fluoride treatments if necessary. Our dentists in Calgary will remove any plaque that has accumulated on the teeth with specialized equipment.

Tooth & Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Since it is preferable and ideal to keep the natural tooth in place, extracting one or more teeth is typically the last resort.

When do you need a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction may be required for a few reasons even though permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. A tooth extraction may be necessary if it is seriously damaged. Other causes include tooth overcrowding, risk of infection, tooth decay and extensive decay.

When do you need a wisdom tooth extraction?

When a tooth is impacted, it cannot fully erupt because the gums have not entirely developed which prevents the tooth from normally coming out. To avoid causing damage to the neighbouring teeth, your Calgary dentist may prescribe extraction of the wisdom tooth as it may develop into cysts if it won’t erupt properly.

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